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The Tower of London
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London sights

Today I decided to write you something about London...So let's begin!

London is the capital of England and England belongs to the United Kingdom and through this also to the Commonwealth. There are 8.788.000 people who live in the city. But if you just visit London, then here is some cool stuff that you can do there...

First you cold visit Buckingham Palace and take some cool selfies...If you are very lucky, you could take one with the Queen, probably not , but you can give it a try. Then, if you want some more photos to your collection, you should go to London Eye. From the top of it, you can see London and the Thames. If you like more creepy stuff you should go to London Dungeon, there you can see some horror stars like Jack the Ripper and more. Big Bean is just the bell, not the tower. London Bridge is also pretty famous. In London there are some free museums, if you like culture. Red buses and telephone boxes are very popular.

By the way, I don 't want you to have an accident so, I should warn you that in the UK they are driving on the left. Are you tired? Go to Hyde Park, there you could just chill and eat a sandwich or listen to the open air concerts, but do not go by bike, because only the police is allowed to go by bike...So bye, bye fitness.

The Gherkin is a cool building that looks like a gherkin, well there are some people who have other opinions. The Globe theater (Shakespeare's theater) is beautiful, so go visit it. St Paul's Cathedral which was build in 1666 is also a sight. Do you want another break? So let's go to Trafalgar Square, where Nelson's Column is. Finish with a break? Okay, then let's go to a flea market. They are well known, because British people like to visit them and buy some stuff for cheap. I am sure you are like ^ Who do I get there?^ The Tube or the underground are open for you , you can use them all the day long, well it would be awesome if you had a map, because without, you will get lost and that wouldn't be very nice,because you will waste time that you could spend on cooler things.

So sadly, I have to come to an end...This are just the most popular things in London, there is many other stuff to do. But before you start visiting the city, buy yourself a map, some food and search a hotel because I think you can 't do these things in just one day...So have fun and explore the city/world and grab some buddies, because the life is more beautiful with friends then without!

Love, Fluffy!

Autorin: Flavia Fira